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  • February 24, 2023 2 min read

    Want to know the secret to earning more money as a gig worker? You need to join the Show Me the Money Club! Luckily, it’s free, and our CEO, Sergio Avedian is the founding member.

    As a gig worker for 7 years, I have experienced the evolution of the on demand gig apps to what they are today. Great convenience for the consumer but is it so for the drivers? The developing trends are not comforting but check our blog frequently for tips and tricks in order for you to earn more on your own schedule.

    When I drive these days, I have a few goals in mind. But the top of my list is occupied by making the most amount of money in the least amount of time. If I was a true Independent Contractor (IC), I would be able to name the price for the job and the choice to undertake such without the threat of losing my job (deactivation). In today’s gig economy, I don’t have that luxury. As much as Uber/Lyft/Doordash/Instacart tell us that we are ICs, we are not! Other than turning the app on and off when we want, our success and failure is dictated by very sophisticated algorithms. As gig workers, we all have a glass ceiling on how much per hour we can earn. We physically can’t do more than 3-4 rides/deliveries an hour.

    With various strategies, grinding when juicy incentives are offered and super Cherry Picking at peak earning hours, I have increased my income appreciably over the years by gaining the experience needed to be a top 1% driver in my city of Los Angeles. I am a veteran of the games these gig apps play. The gamification and gamblification is definitely something for drivers to understand and resist. They all need to be vaccinated by the #declinegarbage #knowyourworth antidote. Why take a $2.50 no tip order on Doordash or UberEats? Think of the opportunity loss, there are many fish in the ocean, do not go for Quantity, it will wear your body and car out real quick, always go for Quality!

    The gig economy is complex and we are here to guide you through the pitfalls while expressing yourself with our fantastic lifestyle products. WELCOME TO THE SHOW ME THE MONEY CLUB!


    Sergio Avedian

    Editor in Chief