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  • February 24, 2023 4 min read

    Want to know the secret to earning more money as a gig worker? You need to join theShow Me the Money Club! Luckily, it’s free, and our CEO, Sergio Avedian is the founding member. 

    When I first started driving seven years ago, Rideshare was king. I could easily earn at least $40-50 per online hour between Uber and Lyft. Although, Uber was always my go to app for Rideshare, I always kept Lyft running since time is money and money is time. I always was looking for maximum utilization and efficiency. 

    Fast forward to 2020 when Covid shut down the global economy, I had to pivot since Rideshare driving was not financially feasible due to demand collapsing. People were stuck in their homes and were using apps like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, Instacart to get their essentials. These last mile delivery companies flourished and continue to gain traction even after the economies opened up for business. I took full advantage of the demand for my services then and continue to do so.

    As an Independent Contractor,my time is for sale to the highest bidder. I am not loyal to any company, I am only looking out to make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time. Today I have 9 apps installed on my two phones and I must say, multi-apping has become the new normal for millions of gig workers. A lot of gig workers expect to make the same amount of money they did during the pandemic for delivering groceries and food. Well the demand is not there any longer since Covid subsided. As a gig worker if you are not multi-apping, you will be left behind, complaining about your dwindling earnings. 

    You will first need to do some research and formulate a plan. My advice to new drivers is always to apply the 3 Ps: Patience, Position & Planning! You will have to pick the market leading apps/gigs in your area since every city is different. Once you do that, with a little bit of research about the platforms that you decided to make money with, it should be very easy for you to come up with the best schedule to make the most money.

    Let’s do an example of a typical day for a MultiApper who knows his area very well and has done his/her research. This time we are going to use multiple apps, take advantage of the network effects and also optimize our schedule at the same time. It’s gonna be a little stressful but we're going to make more money!

    I usually start at 5 am with myUber/Lyft driver apps on, looking for airport trips that will also set me up for morning rush hour in the hot zone where surge is plentiful. I will most likely work with both ridesharing apps until around 10 am, then I will keep my apps on and head to my favorite area to do food delivery just in case I want to do some lucrative rides that may pop up. You should always pick your area for the food delivery gigs carefully. It’s certainly related to how much money you will make. The busiest hours for food delivery in any market in most cities is from 10 am to 1:30-2 pm. So, I will have the big three apps for food delivery on DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub. Then I'll start Cherry Picking since there will be a lot of trash offers from non tipping customers.#declinegarbage #knowyourworth 

    During the lunch and dinner peak hours, I will only do orders if the pay is at least $2 per mile or more, from a high end restaurant, and it has to keep me in my power strips as I call it. It has to have a tip sinceNO TIP=NO TRIP! If it doesn’t check all three boxes for me, I will decline the offer and sell my time to the next highest bidder out of the apps. 

    You can either be creative about which gig apps to use to optimize your schedule or you can take a break, get some lunch, and chill. At around 4:30-5 pm rideshare and food/grocery delivery apps are at their busiest. I will utilize the big three apps for food delivery again and be even pickier now because it’s dinner time. Dinner time is almost always busier than lunchtime when it comes to food delivery. Now I will beUSDA certified Cherry Picker since average order values are higher for dinner service so are the tips. I will hang around my power strips which are full of the best and busiest restaurants in my area. After 8 pm the food delivery gig starts to die out, I will probably do a few more rides for Uber/Lyft on a Destination Filter to take me home and get paid while doing so.

    The beauty of the gig economy though is that you do not have to do it as everyone else does it but simple strategies like multi-apping will definitely improve your results. YourUtilization will be much higher than the average driver if you multi-app as well as yourEfficiency

    Sergio Avedian

    Editor in Chief